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Digital Waltz

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426 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 19 Jul - 12:11

//U Medvedya

(???, Moon, Oboro, Arnold, Violet, Serena, Naomi, Radiance)

"Serena, fire the virus" Jane called and entered the club.

The jolly music from the club became louder and you entered a cozy looking tavern. Everything in here was seemingly made of real wood, staying true to the style outside.
Numerous round, wooden tables stood in the middle, completely packed with people, drinking or happily eating their breakfast.

Off to the right was the bar stand. A hulking looking guy was washing a set of glasses and serving drinks to the customers. A few cooks were busy preparing food in the kitchen, behind a swinging wooden door.

And at the heart of the place, stood a massive wooden stage. Complete with decorations of green forests and red velvet curtains.

A live orchestra was playing, just under the stage. All their instruments consisted of traditional Verrian instruments, peculiar looking drums and various string instruments, some like you've never seen before.

The atmosphere was lively and everyone was looking at the stage in anticipation. Looks like some sort of performance is about to start any second.
The orchestra began playing louder and even more lively, their jolly tune setting the mood and expectations of the visitors even higher.

(Not Wyvern)

"Right.." the man exhaled in anxiety: "..I think.. I'll do that.." he took a few cautious steps backward, then turned around and broke into a sprint, disappearing behind the next corner.

As you examine the camera, your suspicions proved true. It seems to be turned off for some reason.

(Rain Runner)

Your phone beeped, alerting you to a text message.

As you opened it, a picture of Kaylee and Twilight appeared. Their arms and legs locked in cuffs. Sitting against a featureless wall, in a row, together with several other people.
Kaylee looked nervous and scared to death. Twilight seemed annoyed.

"...are we on the same page, now" Clopin asked in a firm voice: "Consider your next words very carefully, because if I don't like them, Kaylee will start getting hurt. More and more, each time you piss me off.

Now, proceed to your destination and assist Moon with her mission. If Jane Doe dies, so will the hostages.

I have tried alerting the media to my actions repeatedly, but they seem intent on continuing with business as usual. You are welcome to try twisting their hands, so they can finally report on my actions, because I want my actions known.

That will come later however. For now, helping Moon is your priority.

....and do try not wasting your time on security cameras around the city. Their numbers are endless and I'd hate for you to be detained for vandalism. It would be most unhelpful for Kaylee.

Now, please, proceed to your destination. Or do I have to start hurting your friend?"

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427 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 19 Jul - 12:47

"The surprise of our mystery hacker getting into these places is starting to lose its magic," Serena's fingers rapidly danced across her tablet then she slid it back into her pack. Pulling her hood back over her face Serena gave Jane thumbs up indicating the virus had been fired. She then followed the group into U Medvedya.

As the devices connected one by one they would start to shut down. Serena had placed a slight delay between the shutdown time and connecting to the fake wifi. The standard connection lost; attempting to reconnect would appear on the screen. Then the screen of the device would go blank and force an automatic shutdown.

As soon as she entered the door Naomi headed for the bar. While a drink at the time would be nice in adding some feeling back into her...everything, the bar tender would be a good bet for pointing her to the bat pony the group was looking for.

Hands inside his pockets Radiance entered the club in his usual calm manner. He took the moment to get a feel for the room. Listening to parts of conversations as he headed to get a good vantage point should anything get out of hand.

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428 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 19 Jul - 13:09


Moon walked in and casually wandered around the club, keeping an eye for anyone suspicious. Her eyes scanned the area and she looked nervous, but managed to try and hide it as she kept watch, also making sure that she had an escape route every time she took a step.


Putting her gloves on to hide her metal hands, the mare waited a bit and walked in, looking about before pulling her phone out and checking it for texts.

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429 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 19 Jul - 13:26

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Not Wyvern)

"Right.." the man exhaled in anxiety: "..I think.. I'll do that.." he took a few cautious steps backward, then turned around and broke into a sprint, disappearing behind the next corner.

As you examine the camera, your suspicions proved true. It seems to be turned off for some reason.

"Security camera network covering the whole city, taken over by a hacker like it's childplay..." the hooded figure mutters to themselves as they levitate themselves up to the camera "... and yet they can't get this one online, forcing them to send in a goon?" They examine the camera more closely, whilst holding up the guy's phone "Convincing, but not convincing enough."

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430 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 19 Jul - 19:29


"Then let us join our comerades inside. For justice!"
He walks into the club looking around for the reaction to the virus.


Landing on the roof, she took a seat there. She kept a finger on the jammer, ready to push the button when asked. She spoke into the earpiece.

"Guys, let me know if it's needed or not. I'm on standby outside."

When she let her ear go, she seeming looked into a random direction. However, it was the direction of the harbor. Her eyes squinted a bit.

~What is this feeling... Like someone is coming for me... Could it be... An Artemis soldier? No, first things first, we need to capture this hacker.~


"So essentially, you got nothing to say but that the goverment is evil. Yeah, I get that idea, it has worked against you. But-"

She suddenly seemed like she has been disrespected badly. "Are you taking a picture of us?!" Her face turns to annoyance. "Yeah, do that, let's make the next one a selfie. Maybe we can do duckface while we're at it. Post a funny filter, and put it online with a caption."

She sat back then, her tone normal after her childish outburst. "In all fairness though, I need to know: Aren't you doing the exact same thing as what you are blaming the "ignorant" masses of? Or is your past your pardon for this?"

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431 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 19 Jul - 21:13

"Sir can I get a please?" she says continuing to walk, before stopping to look around, "and mabye a map? And an idea to where my friends are?" she huffs, "i have never been here before." she says putting the phone on her shoulder and pressing it against her ear as she walks, "I can try my best to get the news on ya as well..." she huffs.

Violet looks around, "Oh hell yeah this is my kind of place! Do i have my money on me?" she digs through her bag.

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432 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 11:23

(???, Moon, Arnold, Violet, Serena, Naomi, Radiance)

As the mysterious mare checked her cellphone for new text messages, her phone unexpectedly shut down, for no apparent reason.

Upon surveying the area, you notice that barely anyone was paying attention to their phones. The crowd was too consumed by the orchestra and looked at the stage.
You do spot two men at the further tables, silently cursing and fiddling with their cellphones.

By the bar stand, you see a middle aged woman in a formal suit, sitting with a touch pad and scrolling through it. She frowned a little but continued her business. Her touch pad seems unaffected.
The glasses showed:

Renata, Lavrova
Known gambler.
Age: 29
Occupation: Stock Exchange

Just a few tables away from the stage, you spot three hulking mares, wearing heavy rain coats and loudly laughing. Two meters tall, each. Threatening muscles.
Their general appearance screamed 'Soldiers on leave'. Sure enough, one of them took of the rain coat and you noticed a giant tattoo on her shoulder, depicting a parachute and a pony's skull, with words 'UNION PARATROOPERS'.

The three were laughing so hard that the entire tavern must've heard them.
The one who took off the rain coat, suddenly flipped a switch on her right arm and a metal plate popped open on it.
An unmistakable datajack - a concealed computer, built into her cyber arm.

The woman pressed a few buttons on her datajack. She seems mildly amused.
The glasses showed:

Svetlana Beryozova
Multiple court marshals for disrespecting an officer.
Age: 27
Occupation: Union 81st Paratrooper Battalion.
Rank: Lieutenant

The bar tender finished wiping one of the glasses clean and looked at Naomi:

"Vodka?" he loudly called over the music.

Listening to the ambient noise of the room, it was hard to pick out individual conversations over the music. People mostly laughed or cheered, as they awaited the show. You briefly overheard a few shouts from someone cursing his boss and complaining about overzealous traffic police.

As you looked over the area, searching for possible escape routs, you notice a seemingly closed metal door, with 'Fire Escape' sign glowing on top of it. The door was located to the left side of the bar, close to the corner.
Apart from it, you notice the front entrance, the doorway to the kitchens, just behind the bar stand to the right, and another doorway, to the left of the stage, seemingly leading deeper into the building.

The crowd suddenly shouted a deafening cheer in unison, briefly making you go deaf, as five stunningly beautiful mares popped into view on the stage, wearing long traditional Verrian dresses. The five mares broke into a maddeningly fast dance, as the crowd cheers and the orchestra played louder.

The five wore special shoes with a wooden heel and front, and each of their steps on the wooden stage, sent a rhythmic staccato echoing across the bar.

As you look at the five dancers, you notice Emerald, dancing in front and center.

She was impossible to miss and impossible to forget. The mare danced with unearthly grace and speed, entrancing herself and the viewers, as the music played on.

A few seconds later, blue strips of lights began to project out of her hands and envelop her, as she danced, pouring her heart into every move she made. The blue holographic projection was mesmerizing.

You recall seeing her in the 'Darkstar' nightclub, earlier this morning.
Watching her now, the glasses showed:

Emerald, ???
U Medvedya Employment Contract.
Age: ???
Occupation: Actor, Concert Dancer.

(Rain Runner)

Clopin audibly sighed: "... there is a GPS map application inside the phone. Write in the name of the street - 24th Bakers. It should plot the fastest route to your destination. You will find Moon Dusts there.
I urge you to hurry. The same people that want Jane dead, may want Moon dead as well, simply because she got in the way. Its in your best interests to not waste any more time.


"You have a very loud mouth. Perhaps I should duct tape it" Clopin scowled: "No one told you that it isn't wise to piss off the hostage taker?

And frankly, your dismissive, uncaring attitude is really starting to piss me off" He clenched his fists until his knuckles went white:

"You think we're just ID numbers on our passports, don't you. Faceless names, just part of statistics. Life expectancy, illness statistics and death rate. Percentage on a monthly report. That's how you see us isn't it"

He gritted his teeth, his voice becoming deathly quiet: "...well... these faceless names, just came back to haunt you.
You're not poor. You're not a part of the average working class citizens. You are not the typical civilians.

You are government and military leaders. You are supposed to protect us. To watch over us.
And you failed.

Your ignorance almost cost the lives of dozens, who still reside in the Labyrinth. I look at you and I see no remorse. No regret. Only self righteous behavior, that somehow, you still think you have the right to be pissed off at me"

Clopin roared, baring his teeth: "You don't give a shit about us? You don't give a shit about what's happening here? Even to your own friends?" He waved his hand towards Kaylee for some reason:

"Well I'll make you see. I'll make you open your eyes, no matter how many times you spit in my face"

He straightened up: "...I took you hostage to prove a point.
And my point has been proven once, and I expect it will be proven, again and again.

Tell me, have I not vividly expressed, what would happen to you, if someone were to harm Jane? Have I not been clear in my demands? Have I not asked, time and time again, that my actions would be broadcasted on national television?

Yet, the news showed nothing. Most of the world, does not even know that a Councilor was taken hostage.
And on top of that, a seemingly random riot has almost lynched Jane in the street. And one of the rioters, carried a radio jammer and military grade cybernetics.

He almost lynched Jane, after I specifically warned, that doing so, would result in the death of my hostages.

Now what does that tell you?"


As you scan the area, so far everything seems business as usual. Pedestrians are moving back and forth through the street. A steady stream of cars moving in both directions. A soda transport truck is loudly beeping at a car, that's driving too slowly.

Everything seems to be normal.

(Not Wyvern)

As you examine the camera more thoroughly, you notice that there's no electricity running through it, what likely caused it to shut down.

You vaguely recall someone on the street mentioning that, over thirty city blocks have lost electricity, roughly an hour ago. It seems this area has also been affected by the blackout.

The phone in your hand suddenly beeped and turned itself on. A new message popped onto the screen:

"-Your friends are in danger.
-They are being deceived.
-Head to the dance club named 'U Medvedya'
-Before its too late"

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433 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 11:51


She blinked and watched the dancer quietly, slightly confused. What were the odds that this dancer was employed at both of the clubs she had visited. Moon frowned, this didn't feel right. She slowly walked around.


"Shot" she frowned and shook her phone a few times out of frustration before trying to turn it on again.

//Going camping today and returning on Sunday. It's unlikely there will be any service there so I probably won't be able to reply.

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434 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 11:57

Rain sighs hanging up the phone, "this is bullshit... I dont believe a word of any of this..." she sighs, "God Damnit... I cant call in Harle either..." she thinks, "I cant get her involved until I fully understand the threat..." she begins following street signs and adresses until she reaches the club. Her stormcloud eyes locking onto its doorway. She approches and enters her eyes flicking around.

Her eyes lock with the two bat ponys in the building. Emerald and Violet she then looks for moon.

Violet watches, mezmerized by the dancing, she leans back as a throught runs through her mind, 'No... She cant be... Thats... Rediculous..." she thinks to herself. She had found some money and requested Nyx rum. Thats when she sees a new pony enter, "No way..." she whispers, "what is she doing here?" she says in awe somewhat.

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435 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 12:48

// No worries Moon, we'll fill you in on the story once you're back.
Have fun on the camping trip!!

(Rain, ???, Moon, Arnold, Violet, Serena, Naomi, Radiance)

As the mysterious mare shook the phone, its screen remained dark. The way it shut down, seemed odd. You remember having a full battery.

The bar tender went digging under the counter and pulled out a bottle of rum and poured it into a spotless glass, before passing it to Violet.

"...uhhh guys!.." Amy's alarmed voice rang in your earpiece: "The virus isn't working! The hacker just went active again. She's rampaging through the police database!"

"What is she doing exactly?" Tomas called, pressing his hand to his ear.

"She's... looking for Rumbas.." Amy slowly replied, her voice turning grave: "Police Rumbas. Their numbers, deployment positions, model schematics.."

Jane turned towards Tom: "..can she hack a Rumba?"

Tomas firmly shook his head: "No. Impossible. Rumba's use a very special encryption. No one can hack them"

"We sure about that?" Jane asked: "Everything is impossible, until someone does it"

"You don't understand" Tomas shook his head: "The encryption they use is specially modified. Decades ahead of its time. Even if we took every brilliant mind on the planet, put them in a room together and told them to hack a Rumba, it would still take them 20 years to do it, at best.
No one can hack a Rumba. Its impossible"

"Guys you better do something fast. I don't like where this is going" Amy's alarmed voice rang in your ear.

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436 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 13:11

Rain slowly makes her way through the club, her sword and arrows rattling in their holsters. The cloths she was wearing were mostly blue and gray. She wore urban camo cargo pants and a holster on her left shoulder, her bow was locked into said holster. She slowly approches violet, "good day Sister..." she says looking to her before looking around at the rest of the group, "So..." she says loudly over the music, "Whats the situation?"

Violet sips the drink not knowing what to say... The Princess of Nyx's lover and (General?) was before her.

(She helps with the military so im kinda... Taking a guess lol mabye shes a commander mabye shes just the lover lol up to you.)

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437 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 13:31

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Not Wyvern)

As you examine the camera more thoroughly, you notice that there's no electricity running through it, what likely caused it to shut down.

You vaguely recall someone on the street mentioning that, over thirty city blocks have lost electricity, roughly an hour ago. It seems this area has also been affected by the blackout.

The phone in your hand suddenly beeped and turned itself on. A new message popped onto the screen:

"-Your friends are in danger.
-They are being deceived.
-Head to the dance club named 'U Medvedya'
-Before its too late"

"Bingo" the hooded figure clicks their finger and points at the phone screen, before typing their response:

"-My friends are always in danger.
-Occupational hazard.
-As of late always being deceived too.
-Also occupational hazard.
-Who are you?
-Are you the same hacker that wanted us filmed?

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438 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 18:26

// Rain is one of the commanding officers, training and leading the 'Nyx Defense Force' ^^
So if someone addressed her by rank, they could call her Commander Rain, or Commander Runner.

(Rain, ???, Moon, Arnold, Violet, Serena, Naomi, Radiance)

"..Commander?" Tomas quietly called in surprise and gave a quick, subconscious military salute. He definitely didn't expect to run into you:

"..I.. didn't know you were in Adelheid. Umm.. " he took off his police cap and nervously fumbled with it. His batpony fangs slightly poking out:
"I was born in Soren, but Nyx is still close to my heart. I know how much you and Princess Asteria are doing for us and I just... umm... thank you" he looked away. For some reason, you caught a trace of deep shame in his eyes.

He shook it off quickly and looked at Rain again:

"The Equestrian Councilor was taken hostage, by a man named Clopin.
Clopin demanded we find a woman only known as a 'Jane Doe'. We did find her, it seems she has suffered severe amnesia" Tomas looked off to the side, where Jane was sitting, behind one of the tables.

Jane was intently staring at Emerald and frowning.

Tomas looked at Rain again: "Clopin demanded we escort Jane to the local cybernetics laboratory, owned by Doctor Zarovee. I believe you know the doctor, back from the Slavegear Incident.
Clopin claims that an alarming number of faulty cybernetics have flooded the market, poisoning its users and destroying their lives.
He believes bringing Jane to the lab, will somehow further his cause.

We did take a detour from that mission though. Right now, we're trying to identify Clopins hacker, someone who has been helping him from the outside, all along."

"Um.. guys.." Amy's quiet voice interrupted you: "..I don't want to worry you but.. the hacker is attempting to hack a police Rumba.."

"Say again" Mira called, her expression turning grave.

"Amy" Tomas exhaled: "Amy that's impossible. She won't be able to"

"Yeah.. well, she's trying" Amy's voice sounded unnaturally quiet: "I'm monitoring the wireless traffic and.... gods... this... code... its.. adapting too fast.. what kind of reaction time does she have?!.."
You heard Amy slam her hands over the laptop, on her side of the radio:
"You have to do something right now! Its someone who's furiously typing on a keyboard, she's.. writing new programs and implementing them into the system, I've never seen anyone work that fast!"

"Alright, don't.. panic" Tomas exhaled and looked around.

The stock exchange employee named Renata Lavrova, was writing something on her touch pad, with a small plastic pen.

The Union paratrooper named Svetlana Beryozova was still clicking something on the small computer, inside her cybernetic arm.

Two men by the back table were frowning at their phones and shaking them.

The crowd in the tavern cheered, as the dance concert went on. The loud music of the orchestra made it hard to hear your own thoughts.

(Not Wyvern)

As you sent the text, the phone beeped and showed an automated alert message:

"-The number you dialed, does not exist
-Failed to send message"

A few more seconds ticked by, before the phone beeped and showed a little icon of a newly received message.

-'Be weary of being stabbed in the back'.
-Relay this message to your friends
-Club 'U Medvedya'.

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439 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 20:05


She kept her position on the roof. However, the moment her eyes spotted Rain Runner entering the club, her face turns from a normal one to something resembling a gargoyle. Anger seemed to pulse from it, hate palpable around her.

~Oh, bugger! An Artemis pony! Not just any Artemis pony, but one that's technically a desserter! From under... Dakova... No, must keep my cool, the boss would hate it if I attacked a former ally of her, even if they got of the wrong foot.~


He looked around, trying to see who was the most suspicious. However, when the lights went haywire and the music became too loud, he began to look for a better viewpoint. Without knowing, however, her stumbled into the stage.



She stared straight into his eyes, more angry then anything. "I will ask you kindly to keep your hands away from Kaylee for my words to you. If I drive you mad, then settle that with me."

Still keeping her eyes on him, she continued. "Second, unless you've been ignoring it, I've been against being part of the Union for a very long time. If I was present at the time Equestria became part of it, things would've gone very differently. Why this matters? Because the plan that was almost signed, I was against it. I didn't know the lies spread in this room, nor of the people below suffering. And that's what's really the issue here..."

She closed her eyes for a second. "You've asked the media to broadcast your hostage on the TV. And yes, you did make clear to us all what you would do to us if the ones outside allowed Jane Doe to be harmed. Yet, military power was send to stop them. Unless that particulary guy was into that stuff, there is only one answer possible."

She opened her eyes again, with an aggrivating, annoying grin. "There's a third player involved. Someone who would have massive profit from the council here kicking the bucket. And whoever that is, they want the people in the labyrinth dead as well. Which is an opponent you can't defeat."

She loses the grin, looking serious. "Clopin, my honesty may put me at odds with these councilmen here, but there is a truth to your words. There is the fact that we may see the honest, hardworking civilians as faceless masses. But the problem is, from atop a tower like this, we can see much more people, but we can't see the details of ones face. Can you expect anyone to know every person in the world?"

She shakes her head. "I know more of the "masses" then you think I do. But those masses are all situated in Equestria. As just one pony, I have limits. I can't be everywhere at once, hear what you all say, fix all your issues. So to have at least the ears to hear what you all say, I have people that ask on the street. I read articles online, watch the news, so I know what's going on in my country. So the faceless masses do form a bit of a face to me."

She then looks at him again. "Is that the problem then? That we can't speak to everyone personally? Or is the issue somewhere else? In the ones informing us? That they keep important facts hidden for their own gain?"

Her eyes narrow. "Clopin, is the enemy you, no, all of us, are facing, the media itself?"

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440 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 20:32

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Not Wyvern)

As you sent the text, the phone beeped and showed an automated alert message:

"-The number you dialed, does not exist
-Failed to send message"

A few more seconds ticked by, before the phone beeped and showed a little icon of a newly received message.

-'Be weary of being stabbed in the back'.
-Relay this message to your friends
-Club 'U Medvedya'.

"-You can't expect me to just go on faith here" the hooded figure typed in, before smirking "-Besides those guys can take care of themselves
-What are the enemy going to do?
-Set a Rumba on them?

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441 Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 20 Jul - 21:25

She gives a soft smile to thomas, "don't thank me thank the princess when you meet her." she nods to him but frowns when he adresses clopin. "Yes i met him when I first arrived." she frowns and looks to the stage, "I think we should cause a ruckess... Get everybody inside... Block the doors cut the power... By the looks of it you already have a jammer up thats fantastic... In all honesty by the sounds of it things are getting frantic." she looks to Tomas, "Tell whoever you have on that radio that we are cutting power and conducting a search... You are a policeman no? As a commander of nyx I have no say over ponys here but i'll be damned if my friends are getting harmed." she huffs, "after this we get a proper news network to broadcast clopins message." she begins scanning for exits

Violet gets up, "but w-wouldent that disterb the p-patrons here?"

Rain looks to Violet, "sister by the sound of it the world is in danger... Sometimes you have to ruin a few days to make the next years the best hun." she stretches.

"Guys..." Violets ears perk up, "...Clopin knows we are here... Trying to do something to possibly one of his hackers... Why hasn't he contacted us?" she sounds somewhat worried, her eyes never leave emerald. She wasn't watching the show anymore.

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442 Re: Digital Waltz on Fri 21 Jul - 9:26

"You don't have to break open every door to compromise a home" Serena responded "Rumba systems may be nigh impossible to break into, but change, oh let's say, what police systems see as friend or foe and update the Rumba's systems. Well, then we have a problem."

Serena looked up to see Arnold stepping onto the stage, her face twisting into confusion then eyes narrowing at Emerald. Phone in hand she sent out a ping to scanning the dancing mare for additional signs of cybernetics. If she found any she would check to see if there were any incoming or outgoing data streams and from there, she would follow the signal.

"Beer," Naomi called back over the music taking a moment to watch the stage "She sure does make the rounds, doesn't she? Emerald I mean. Second club I walk into today and there she is. You think someone with her stature would stick to the more VIP pandering places"

Finding the best spot would be nearby allies Radiance was standing near Tomas and the others. He nodded to Rain in greeting but at the time had his attention mostly focused on keeping an ear on the room.

"By the sounds of it Cloppin is the most worried about Jane," Radiance added into the conversation, "I don't think collateral damage is really a problem in his eyes."

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443 Re: Digital Waltz on Fri 21 Jul - 11:22

(Rain, ???, Moon, Oboro, Arnold, Violet, Serena, Naomi, Radiance)

As Arnold stumbled onto the stage, Emerald gracefully jumped back a few steps and continued to dance. The blue hologram strings enveloping her and sparkling.

The other support dancers weren't as agile and one of them accidentally stumbled into Arnold, stopped and frowned at him, impatiently waving at him to go away.

Some in the crowd began to boo, shaking their fists at Arnold and raising their thumbs down.

Tomas nodded to Rain and called everyone over the earpiece: "Alright, lets get the exits blocked"

"I got the fire escape" Jane said, taking position next to the metal doors.

"I got the front entrance" Mira called, subtly propping a table against the front door.

"There may be a back exit, behind the stage" Tomas called: "We have to locate it, and the power fuse box. Keep your eyes peeled"

Mira squinted at the crowd slightly, scanning the area: "...Violets right, Clopin usually knows about every move we make.
If he hasn't contacted us yet, then either he doesn't know what we're doing, or... something else.. I don't know"

The bartender poured a large glass of beer from a barrel and passed it to Naomi:
"Never seen her before. First time in our club" he tilted his head towards Emerald:

"One of our dancers couldn't make it for the concert, and Emerald just, popped up. Good thing too, never seen anyone dance like that. Drew the crowd immediately. That kid's got talent"

As Serena sent out a ping, it returned almost immediately: Emerald was packed with cybernetics, to a ridiculous degree.
Before you could scan for wireless traffic however, a 16 bit sprite of a random mares head, suddenly appeared all over your screen.
The sprite winked at you and blew you a kiss. Then, Serena's phone and tablet shut down.

"Guys..." Amy's fallen voice echoed in your earpiece: "...she's... taking over a Rumba... there's some kind of.. virus... its... moving with a consciousness... this can't be real, this code is impossible..." she slowly exhaled: "oh my god"

Some sort of metalic racket attracted your attention. It came from the street, outside the club.

From Oboro's perspective, the picture was seen clearly.

The Police Spider Tank, rattled its six legs and rose to full height. Its head twisting in place, rigidly an unnaturally.
"ALERT! HACKING ATTEMPT DETECTED!" a deafening, automated voice, boomed from its head:

The Spider released a long metalic screech, then suddenly jumped onto the road, creating small craters under its legs and sending a small tremor over the area. Its head twisted in place and it sprinted along the street, its legs stepping dangerously close to the cars under it.

The pedestrians screamed in horror and sprinted in random directions. The cars pulled to a stop, as the colossal monster sprinted right over them.

One of the pedestrians slipped and fell, ending up in the Spiders path.

You could have sworn, that the Spider hesitated for a split second, before carefully and precisely stepping around the pedestrian, barely slowing its speed and continuing its mad dash down the street.

The pedestrian remained sitting in place, shell-shocked and stunned that he somehow didn't get squished under the massive legs of the robot.

The Spider emitted an angry shriek, increasing speed and suddenly slammed its head into a large soda truck, sending the vehicle flying and crashing into a road juncture ahead.

Somehow, all lights were red on the street, at the space were the truck landed, was unoccupied.

The Spider didn't miss a beat and with a mind boggling leap, landed next to the flipped soda truck, sending a deafening tremor across the street.
For some reason, the robot shrieked in anger, opened its jaws and started tearing into the trucks cargo compartment.

The trucks driver climbed out of his seat, stumbled for a few feet and started sprinting away, shrieking like a maniac.

The robot continued to tear into the soda trucks cargo container, releasing eerie mechanical noises and tearing through metal.

(Not Wyvern)

The phone beeped, showing an alert message:

"-The number you dialed, does not exist
-Failed to send message

After a few moments of silence, a new message popped in.
It had a picture attached, very poor quality, looks like it was taken using a phone camera.

The picture showed a scared looking woman, in her late twenties. Gray pelt, pale green hair. Batpony fangs. It was Jane Doe.

The text under the picture said:

"-She will betray them"

Then, the phone shut down.


"...the media... interesting.." Clopin slowly straightened up and looked at you. A strange, acknowledging smile appeared on his lips:

"...okay, lets go with that..." he nodded and began slowly walking around the room:

"...lets say... there is a third player involved... and its the media... it seems they want my hostages to die... and they want the beggars in the Labyrinth to die...

The most important question then, is... why?"

Clopin looked at you and smiled: "...the answer is... Jane Doe"

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444 Re: Digital Waltz on Fri 21 Jul - 12:13

A smile spread across Serena's face. While her face was mostly hidden by the hood, it was hard for the girl to contain the excitement coursing through her body. An actual and honest to Celestia hacker with a creative touch was the one being a pain in the ass and not some boring smuck.

"Do not let Emerald or any of her backup dancers leave the area," Serena radioed to the group.

Naomi shrugged then downed the beverage. She placed some money on the counter, a bill with the extra intended as a tip, and stepped away from the bar. Amy's, then Serena's messages and the sudden noise outside drawing her away from what she feared was about to turn into a pointless and very cyclical conversation.

"I'm going to locate the fuse box," Naomi did a visual sweep of the area looking for best path to get back stage with as few eyes as possible watching her

"I'll help you with the front," Radiance said assisting Mira with the table "if we're starting a riot in this area then this door is going to need more than one person blocking it"

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445 Re: Digital Waltz on Fri 21 Jul - 13:59

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Not Wyvern)

The phone beeped, showing an alert message:

"-The number you dialed, does not exist
-Failed to send message

After a few moments of silence, a new message popped in.
It had a picture attached, very poor quality, looks like it was taken using a phone camera.

The picture showed a scared looking woman, in her late twenties. Gray pelt, pale green hair. Batpony fangs. It was Jane Doe.

The text under the picture said:

"-She will betray them"

Then, the phone shut down.

"Thanks a lot, I understand everything now" the hooded figure remarked sarcastically, before pondering "Wasn't that the girl on the TV screen, the Disciple of Marek?"

The hooded figure shrugged, before levitating back down to the ground and leaving the alleyway to look for a map kiosk, "And why tell me this, i'm not even with those guys at the moment?"

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446 Re: Digital Waltz on Fri 21 Jul - 14:05

She quickly moves to a rear entrance (if there is one) trys to find the heaviest thing and knock it over to cover the door she stands close to the curtains behind the dancers, eyeing each one, "EVERYONE MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE..." she draws an arrow and knocks it, "dancers... On the ground now... On your knees..." her eyes lock with emeralds, "you too sister hands behind your head... Dont move... Unless you dont want to dance anymore..." she says darkly, "Tomas This is your que..." she huffs.

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447 Re: Digital Waltz on Fri 21 Jul - 19:03


When he noticed he was on stage, he awkwardly waved as the crowd booed him off. Then it seems he was thrown in front of a door by someone, which turns out to be Rain Runner. He gets up, in blocking the door, and looked at her.

"By justice, you're Rain Runner! What brings you here all the way from Nyx?"

He then grabbed his ear. "Gods, how bad is it?"



She quickly took off into the air, following the spider from a safe distance. She spoke into the earpiece. "Decades ahead of it's time, right? Then let's get a time machine ready, because IT IS MOVING OUT!"

On the same line, Arnold was heard. "Gods, how bad is it?"

"So far, it seems to randomly destroy, though with care for civilian lives. Wanton destruction without casualties. But it can only go on for so long before there's a slip up. SEND REINFORCEMENTS TO ME, STAT!"


"It seems like someone there has the power to do so. All they would need is a motive. So, what exactly is Jane's role in this? Might be nice to know that, not that we can slip out the information."

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448 Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 22 Jul - 3:15

Rain barely looks back, "I had a feeling things were bad... Can I have your radio frequency as well?" she looks back at arnold.

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449 Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 22 Jul - 10:28

(Rain, ???, Moon, Oboro, Arnold, Violet, Serena, Naomi, Radiance)

The Spider Tank meanwhile continued to tear into the cargo container of the soda truck. The tearing of metal accompanied with seemingly hungry noises.
The longer you looked at this scenery, the more something seemed off. Then it hit you.

Despite the soda trucks logo, its cargo wasn't filled with bottles of soda. Instead, it was completely packed with some kind of small, electronic items. As the Spider teared its way into the truck, tiny pieces of the cargo began flying across the entire street and slightly sparkling in the light.

The Spider briefly paused, raising its metal head and a deafening synthetic voice, boomed over the street:



The Spider suddenly crashed into the street, as its legs lost strength and the entire carcass fell on its side. The wail of its energy systems slowly began to grow quieter, until the robots optic sensors went dark and a brief silence fell over the street again.

The entire area was completely littered with the contents of the soda truck: small, electronic chips, seemingly freshly made, still in their manufactured transparent packages. The soda truck was full of them.

Back in the club,
The crowds attention was completely focused on the stage and they didn't notice Naomi walking on the edges of the tavern, moving toward the door at the side of the stage.
So far, you don't spot anything that may pass for a fuse box.

From what you can see so far, there were two doors, on each side of the stage. These doors seem to lead somewhere deeper inside the tavern. One of the doors was now covered by Rain, the other, by Arnold.

As Rain's shout, loudly echoed across the tavern, the orchestra abruptly cut the music and a deafening silence fell over the area.

Everyone was looking at Rain and her bow. Most glances were very unfriendly.

Emerald made another twirl, seemingly carried by momentum, then gracefully came to a stop. Her blue holograms slowly faded and she released a polite smile, before slowly sitting down on her knees and theatrically locking her hands behind her head.
Every move she made was filled with grace and a form of beauty. She was looking at Rain and calmly smiling.

The other dancers looked horrified however. They emitted a few startled shrieks, before haphazardly dropping down on their knees, following Emeralds example.

A second ticked by in silence, then the tavern was rocked by a deafening racket, as almost every patron stood up from his seat, without saying a word and scowled at Rain.
Half of them drew out knives or swords from under their clothing. Some placed brass knuckles over their hands.

Their weapons were lowered and the crowd stood still, without saying a word. The glare in their eye didn't leave much room for interpretation. They were not happy.

Mira slowly turned pale and whispered: "Oh shit... I forgot what tavern we walked into...

I think we just pissed off the Verrian mafia.."

"EY!" one of the men in the front row barked: "WHAT YOU DOING IN OUR HOME. DON'T THREATEN GIRL! PUT WEAPON DOWN. NOW" He angrily pointed at Rain.

This man was in his early fifties. Face heavily scarred and tattooed. The authority in his voice, the curved knife in his hand and the way some of the patrons looked at him, painted him as some sort of boss figure.
His glare made it clear that he's not used to hearing 'No' for an answer.

Tomas climbed onto the stage and slowly raised his police badge, showing it to the crowd:

"Everyone, my name is Sergeant Tomas Köhler, Adelheid Police Department. I apologize for the inconvenience but we're conducting an operation to apprehend a suspect-..." Tomas trailed off, turning pale, under the gaze of over 50 angry patrons.

It looks like they weren't having any of it. The grip on their weapons tightened.

"...this isn't your home turf... boy" the tattoo faced man dangerously muttered: "You think you can just walk into our home, and threaten our guests?" he waved his hand toward the terrified dancers on stage:
"You're taking no one. They're under our protection"

"This is.. a police operation.." Tomas said, slightly stuttering: "Interfering with the law may have consequences.."

"Bah!" the tattooed man angrily waved his hand in dismissal: "You say you chase suspect? Where evidence?"


"You understand that we won't be in this room forever" Clopin said, taking a seat:

"Our oxygen supply is limited to 24 hours. Which means at some point, we'll have to open the door.

At that moment, two things may happen.

Number One: a Union military unit bursts in and 'accidentally' kills me. Then, they twist my words and tell you a very convincing lie. And you will believe it, because it will sound very plausible.

Number Two: I tell you everything I know, and then, the Union military bursts in and 'accidentally' kills both you... and me... And then, tell a very convincing lie to the public, how you were already dead, when they burst into the room."

Clopin smirked: "...the only way to prevent those scenarios is to keep my mouth shut. And keep you in the dark. Until I have acquired the physical evidence I need.

And then, no one will be able to twist my words or tell lies. And so, they will not have the option to kill us..."

(Not Wyvern)

You find an old, run down kiosk that sold freshly baked pastries and had a few fashion magazines, together with city maps.

The old lady at the counter smiled and explained in great detail how to reach the street you were looking for, then proposed to buy a pastry for the road.

Before she could describe all the things she had for sale, you heard a distant muffled racket, coming from the city, a few blocks from here.

It sounds like something massive was rampaging through the streets, bending metal and crushing asphalt, as it ran.

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450 Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 22 Jul - 15:14


She raises an eyebrow. "Despite not telling me details, you did tell me something. Something highly disturbing, at least." She lets out a sigh. "Union councilman... A job with a 100% mortality rate at this point. And no one would care."


She just looked at it in confusion for a moment.

"What the hell..."

She landed near the soda truck, and picked up a bit of it's content. She studied the chip, a frown of thought on her face. She putted a few chips in her pocket, and went inside the truck. There, she went looking for ordering papers, or something that would give away where they would be going.


He racked his brain for an idea. But nothing that intelligent seems to come to his mind.

"Curse my average intelligence and bad luck! Wait..."

He awkwardly holds up a piece of metal. If he knew his luck, lightning would strike him normally. He clenched his teeth, bracing for impact.

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