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Toxitech Labs

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26 Re: Toxitech Labs on Wed 30 Aug - 9:40

"Hey guys, i found some clothes here" Mercury called, as he removed the lab coat and squeezed into one of the jump suits. The label read 'C' on his back.

After he put on the jumpsuit, he put the lab coat over it as well.

Then he slowly approached the body of the mare, with the mane of fire, and crouched down trying to determine what could have caused her death.

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27 Re: Toxitech Labs on Wed 30 Aug - 10:34

As you slip into the green jumpsuit it fits snugly on you. It was like a blanket and you felt like you were begining to warm up.

She was dead when before she even fell. Her life support must had failed and left her body frozen. She was dead the second it turned off. Her eyes were pale and she was freezing cold at the touch.

Mercury: after a few moments your shivering stops you still feel fairly cold but you'll probaly warm up in a bit.

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28 Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 31 Aug - 7:31

Sev, hearing the appeal of warmer and dry clothing made his way over to where Mercury indicated. He quickly pulled off any remaining clothing he would have on had down to his undergarments and pulled on the 'D' jumpsuit.

"Oi, Moon. Ya' wan' one o' these jump suits luv?" he calls to Moon. Holding up the remaining two, one in each hand

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29 Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 31 Aug - 9:23

Sev: you can feel your body begin to warm up, it isn't the most comfortable thing in the world but it was better then just your underwear.

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30 Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 31 Aug - 9:40

Mercury moved about the room a bit, waving his hands and trying to warm up.

Then looked up at the ladder and climbed up, examining the corridor above.

He took a moment to listen for signs of anyone living, or anything eerie.
Then, without moving far away from the hatch, he tried to see if there were any labels written in the corridor, above the doors or on the walls, that may indicate directions or the purpose of the doors.

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31 Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 31 Aug - 11:30

You see dark green lines on the walls there are spaces between the lines that read your current position in the lab.

Corridor C
Level F

Above you there was a sign blinking red "Cryolab H"

The doors had signs above them

Genetics lab A was the first door to your left

Clone storage was next to it

Chem lab 1, 2, and 3 are next to each other

You are pretty sure you here a pig coming from genetics lab A.

A loud banging can be heard coming from the cloning lab

You see a lab assisstant dead his skull is smashed open and half of his face was torn off. You see claw marks along the walls going around the corner leading away from the body.

He is bright orange and his hair is long and bright yellow

He has a nametag

"Lab asst sunlight."

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32 Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 1 Sep - 17:32

Mercury tossed away his own name tag, and pinned a new one to his chest - Lab Assistant Sunlight.

He knelt down next to the body and carefully studied the man's features, before carefully transforming with a small flash of green light.

A second later, Mercury had changed appearance, to match that of the assistant Sunlight. He tried to match the facial features as much as he could, guessing that both halves of the mans face were symmetrical.

He then checked if the man was a unicorn, a pegasi or an earth pony, and began thoroughly going through his pockets. Looking for photographs, wallets, ID cards of any kind, or keys.

Having completed the task, he thoroughly scanned the corridor with his eyes, looking for any kind of surveillance cameras in the vicinity.

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33 Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 1 Sep - 20:46

Still on the floor below Sev walked over to the drawers that Mercury had previously searched. He took one of the masks placing it over his face. He pockets a few extras. Next, and very carefully, he picked up one of the needles on the desk. He moves to the laminated map and removes it from its place, using the sharp point of the needle as a makeshift knife if necessary.

Folding the map into a more manageable size he places it into a pocket. Keeping the needle, but now holding it in a reverse grip he climbs the ladder and goes into a crouch to the side and behind Mercury.

"Figu'e those chem lab's migh' 'ave some' useful thin's in em" Sev lowers his voice to keep it from traveling down the corridor.

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34 Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 1 Sep - 22:16

Mercury: As you transform into the stallion you seem to grow a horn. As you examin the body there is only a stump where it used to be. You see the horn of the stallion all the way down the hall.

As you catch your appearance reflecting on the incredibly polished white walls you can somewhat see that you are a handsom stallion... All looks and no brain now i might say

A real lady killer

If looks could kill...

The joke is that he looks good and now he is dead.

As you survay the area looking for any cameras you find one all the way down the hall looking left. It seems to be looking at something specific.

A loud "SLAM" is heard behind you and there is a thick layer of glass between you and the Genetics lab. On one side, you. On the other, A horrorfying swine like creaure slashes at the glass with razors for fingertips. It squeels and screaches at you from behind the glass, Blood and drool drip from its mouth as it trys to get to you. It looks cobbled together, body parts welded together with massive amounts of heat. Burn scaring can be seen all over its body. Among those burns are self inflicted scratches and cuts. It screams hungerly at you. Behind it are half eaten bodies of doctors and lab assistants. You see a blowtorch in one of their hands.

Even further back is a medical dufflebag with a load of storage and probably some better equipment.

Sev: the map easily comes off and it fits cosy in one of your jumpsuits pockets, the masks are a bit of a tighter fit in there. You also feel as though your air filteration has raised significantly!

Mercury has become a handsom young unicorn stallion who looks like he is in the prime of his life! Well.. Until you see the body which you are relitively certain he isn't so "prime" anymore.

There is a sudden "BANG" and you see the pig monster the same time murcury does!

Everyone: "This is not a drill... Toxitech labs on lockdown... Biosubjects have escaped... Terminate all test subjects on sight." the voice booms down the hallways through a speaker...

Now not only are monstrositys after you so are the staff

Good luck!

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35 Re: Toxitech Labs on Mon 4 Sep - 12:43

Mercury reluctantly looked at the pig monster behind the glass, then at the blowtorch behind it:

"...those are some quality weapons in there..." he grimaced: "Wandering if its worth risking a fight with that.. abomination"

He pulled out the scalpel and held it in his hand. Then looked around the glass surface, separating him from the pig monster.

He tried to see how thick the glass was, if it can hold the monster locked up indefinitely.

Then he tried to look for some sort of door, that could be used to enter the genetics lab, with the pig monster inside.

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36 Re: Toxitech Labs on Wed 13 Sep - 8:30

"No' in ou' curren' sta'e" Sev responds eyeing the creature "If I'm dyin' I'd prefer 'o ge' sho' an' no' to'n apa't"

He pulls out the map and looks at it more closely. Looking to see where the current hallway leads and what types of rooms are around the corner.

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