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Digital Waltz - Part 2

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476 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 30 Jan - 19:17

"The digital waltz is apparently a group who wants everyone's privacy to be non existent and holding complete political power, and have the ability to kill anybody from anywhere..." She looks back at the intercom, "...AND INSTEAD OF USING THESE PLANS TO BE HELPFUL THEY USED THEM TO MAKE THREATS AND BECOME A MURDERER." She huffs knocking an arrow, "currently we are trying to make our way through the operahouse to get to our... creepy stalker friend."

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477 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 30 Jan - 19:23

"Just wait for the supervillain monologue, I swear if it's some neckbeard behind that voice I'm going to be disappointed" Frost adds in "And, we've got less than 15, probably closer to 10 minutes to stop this before the world ends."

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478 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 30 Jan - 19:31

"Yeah... that too..." She sighs pulling the arrow back and aiming for the second beasts eyes.

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479 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 30 Jan - 19:47

“Alright, sounds pretty normal then.” Moon chuckled and glanced at the beast, a smile on her face. End of the world situations were the norm.

Mist rolled her eyes and looked at the beast as well “Well, Let’s hope the works doesn’t end then.”

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480 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 30 Jan - 21:18

Arnold took another swing at the beast, aiming to deal the most possible damage, if not outright destroy it. He strikes the weapon system aimed at him, knocking it away to aim to a wall.

Angelo created some distance, honong in to help the blonde bruiser with taking down the one.

Twilight switched tactics to attack the beast that was assaulting the barrier. Purple energy wrapped around her left hand, which she then swung down. With the swing, it seems like the metal beast had been struck across the head forcefully. Twilight then continued moving her hand, dealing more hits, as if beating the animal.

"Nice to have you back, now short circuit this thing." She said with a hard tone.

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481 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 31 Jan - 21:58

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Maintenance Tunnel)

The end of the Spiders claw became bent and got stuck in the tunnel, as Naomi struck it. The Spider began shrieking and trying to pull it out. Then gave up and released a series of piercing attacks on the tunnel, with its remaining five limbs.

Its strikes were haphazard and unpredictable. A split second passes and several cuts appeared across Naomi's left cybernetic arm and Clopin's left leg.

Clopin swore, his face distorted in pain. A monofilament whip suddenly unfolded out of his arm and violently lashed out, cutting off the Spiders bent claw, that was stuck in the vent.

The Spider up top briefly lost balance, crashing onto the floor. But its limbs began regaining new footing almost immediately.

"NAOMI GET OUT OF THE TUNNEL BEFORE IT MAKES A DOZEN HOLES IN BOTH OF US!" Clopin shouted, desperately trying to crawl forward. He appears to be the last in line, in the tunnel.

The second Spider stumbled and violently contorted, as the electrical charge hit its chassis. A long, violent shriek echoed over the factory, as the Spider convulsed on the ground, smashing its limbs on the floor and jerking its head back and forth.

The ballistic blades on each side of its jaws had reloaded and it began randomly firing blades across the entire room.

Some flying dangerously close to Burner's and Rogue's head.

Rogue circles around the combat, to try and get behind the spiders if possible. He takes the opportunity to observe the immediate surroundings for terrain or equipment that could be handy, such as tools or machines.

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482 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 31 Jan - 22:28

She points ahead at the gigantic robot spider, "also that's cookie... our giant spider friend..." She sounds less enthused now as she begins to realize how ridiculous this situation is going to sound when she takes it to Harle.

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483 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 31 Jan - 23:11

(Frontal Assault)

Rains arrow quietly whistled across the hall and smashed into the tigers back. A muffled explosion followed, as the weapon system exploded at its base and fell to the floor.
The barrage of ballistic blades over Frosts shield, had ceased.

With one eye shattered and its weapon system destroyed, the metal tiger released a threatening growl, just as Twilight's telekinetic punch came crashing down on its head.

Each consecutive telekinetic strike sent a metalic echo across the tunnel. The tigers head jerked up and down with the blows, until a chain reaction of explosions had echoed deep inside its back and the robot exploded from within.

Its chassis went numb and crashed onto the floor. Fire bursting out of its robotic eyes.

The second Tiger slightly shivered, as Arnold smashed his axe into its back. The ballistic blade launcher turned and began uncontrollably firing blades at the wall, each one penetrating deep into the wall and becoming stuck there, with a deafening clank.

Before the Tiger could respond, Cookie the Spider Tank charged forward and slammed into the Tiger, sending him flying into the nearby wall. It crashed hard and fell down, its head moving around in disorientation.

"Maddie! Now!" Cookie called.

Not wasting a moment, Madelyn jumped out of Frosts shield and sprinted ahead. Coming to a grinding stop next to the Tiger robot, she pulled out a long wire from her wrist and stuck it into one of the electronic ports in the Tigers back.

A few pale green holographic strings appeared over Madelyn's body and began dancing around her.

The Tiger growled but froze up, seemingly unable to move. The armor plates on the back of its head, suddenly parted, revealing a series of small microchips.

Madelyn reached out and pulled one, the one that looked like a shining blue crystal, the Plume of Dusk.
The Tigers chassis went numb and its red eyes turned off.

"Very, efficient" a distorted voice echoed from one of the intercoms above:
"But ultimately futile. You won't reach the control room in time. Oh. But don't worry.

The world will not end, once the clock hits zero.

It will be restored to its balance.

You could almost see the person smiling, on the other end of the microphone, as he spoke:

"We ARE being helpful. And the Digital Waltz network, is the best tool for the job.

You wish to talk about political power? Lets address the fact that most people in the world, don't really care who sits on the throne.

They are concerned with two things: How big is their paycheck. And how can they entertain themselves to pass the day.

It doesn't matter, who rules over them, as long as those two criteria are fulfilled. They, won't, care.

They don't really care about politics, they don't really care about improving or contributing to this world. If so, why give them political power at all?
Why give them, the basic right, to vote?

A right to choose their own leader? To shape, not only their own destiny, but that of their colleagues, their friends? To improve their society and shape the future of their country? Mutual contribution, hard work, their own small mark on society? Bah.

They have no interest in that. They never will.

And if so, why should I let them, choose their own fate?
" The distorted voice paused, becoming grave:

"These people need to be told what to do. They WANT to be told what to do. They need someone to control them, because that is the only way they'll feel safe.

They need someone, to tell them how to live.

Someone, like me.

Who understands the intricacies of world politics and economics, and tells them exactly what to do, to help this world achieve greatness.

That, is the purpose of the Digital Waltz.

Your free will is meaningless, your potential is pointless, because you do nothing with it. You waste it to a criminal degree, until someone forces you to act.

So I will, force you to act. I will push you in the right direction to improve this world.

7 minutes from now, the communications blackout will end, and my grasp on the world will be restored.

You should really stop.

If you do, I will consider keeping you alive, once this is over. See how I can utilize your talents, for the greater good.

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484 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 31 Jan - 23:12

(Maintenance Tunnel)

With each punch Naomi threw, the Spider lost balance, over and over again. Its legs became completely bent out of shape and unable to function. Its head began rapidly twisting about, attempting to bite Naomi, whenever she came too close.

The next second, Clopin popped out of the tunnel and violently threw out his whip. The barely visible wire wrapped over the Spiders neck and as Clopin pulled back, the head flew off from the chassis, loudly crashing over the floor.

Clopin quickly ducked and pulled out the Plume of Dusk from the robot, sticking the small microchip in his pocket.

The second Spider emitted a muffled shriek, as Burner slashed its carcass with her blade. The next second, the fist impacted over the Spiders armor. A deafening impact echoed over the factory, as the robots armor bent and broke out of shape.

The damage to the Spiders carcass was visible and severe. It loudly crashed onto the ground and began snapping its jaws, unable to move and staring daggers at Burner.

As Rogue observed the surroundings, you spot a series of conveyor belts, all in the process of constructing human prosthetic bodies.
Some of the machines that worked here, looked pretty sharp, especially several precise drills that helped to insert some sort of circuitry into the chassis.

"Naomi... why are you helping these people?" a distorted voice rang from above, just as five more Spider Tanks jumped down from the ceiling, a few dozen meters away from you.

Clopin grew pale and pointed at the small door, on the other side of the factory:

"RUN!" He yelled.

"Naomi... I don't think you thought this through.." the distorted voice echoed again, as the 5 Spiders began to advance:

"What do you think, is going to happen, when your superiors at your base, find out what you did to Dr. Zarovee's lab?

I don't know what the proper punishment will be, but I think its safe to say you will be dishonorably discharged from the Union Air Force.

With no hope of ever enlisting again, you can kiss your dream goodbye.

You will never be a pilot.
Your personal record, forever smeared by your actions. By going up against me, you are deliberately destroying your dream.

But you shouldn't have to.

I can delete the evidence. Alter facts and testimonies. You know I have the means, I have the Digital Waltz at my disposal.

I will make your service record clean and no one will EVER find out what happened.

The voice paused, as the 5 new Spiders advanced towards you:

"Join me. Naomi.
I need people like you.

People with purpose, who get the job done. People with a strong will of their own, who can help me shape the future.

The evidence against you, will be gone. I will bury the truth of Dr. Zarovee's lab.

I will fix your vertigo and put you into a pilots seat, of whatever aircraft and whatever air force service branch you want.

You will answer directly to me and help me shape this world, into a better future.
You will have your dream.

Think about this Naomi, think about it carefully.

Help me stop these people. Help me delay them for another 7 minutes and I will help you.

Forget them. They are not your friends. They are strangers to you.
You only met them this morning. You already left them once, you obviously can't care about them that much.

By siding with them, you have nothing to gain and everything to loose.

If they win, your life will be flushed down the toilet! The evidence against you will be left for everyone to see, your dream, effectively and irreversibly gone.

Or you can join me. I will make your dream a reality.

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485 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 1 Feb - 0:05

“But we need free will to make progress. Safety cannot be achieved through complete control. Progress is made through emotion, and free will, and wonder and fascination. But also through fear.” Moon yelled back. Whoever they were, it would not prove good for anyone involved. And more to the point, she was pretty sure stealing wasn’t on the agenda of these guys.

Mist growled angrily “That dude can fuck off.... if they win and I’m still alive, then I’ll make sure to remedy that last part myself. Without freedom, What isn’t life?”

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486 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 1 Feb - 0:10

"Naomi if you say yes... I will find utmost joy in burning you alive right now..." burner growls as she stares back into the spider tanks eyes with her dark lenses, she leans down just our of reach of its jaws "you know... you're pretty cute when your all helpless~" she coos to the massive machine as she reaches into the newfound hole in its chassis and pulls out it's plume of dusk, "Oh well~ no time for new giant pets when they are completely useless." She skips towards the door as the other tanks drop.

Rain sighs, "yeah... that guy..." She frowns, "Honestly buddy I think you're just getting scared, my sister was as free as a bird, She went where she wanted WHEN she wanted and during the slavegear incident she risked her life to save her friends... if that's not true freedom of choice I don't know what is, and honestly I think a dictator with the ability to destroy any rebelion is a terrible idea..." She growls pushing forward down the hall.

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487 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 1 Feb - 1:31

"At least take me to dinner first" Naomi shoots back then directs her attention to the voice "Fuck the military, fuck my dreams, fuck your sails pitch. And most importantly...fuck you!"

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488 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 1 Feb - 5:09

Frost dispells the shield and walks over to one of the tigers

"By us being here, by those you tried to stop all those years ago coming back and trying to stop you again your idea that no one wants free will is simply wrong. Just because someone doesn't know about something doesn't mean they don't want to learn and there is a big difference between not caring about and control and now wanting any at all."

Using a telekinesis spell she starts to gently pull the mounted weapon off of it. Damaging it as little as she can and looking for a firing mechanism she can use.

"A mage doesn't learn high-level magic in a day, and the average citizen doesn't learn about complex politics and economics in a day either. So, I have a question for you. Which is better, one person with all the knowledge making the world better by his own speed and ideas or the globe being taught and exponentially increasing the understanding? Because I'd wager it's the ladder"

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489 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 1 Feb - 7:40

"I was thinking more of a BBQ but dinner sounds nice~" She purrs, "I haven't had coffee in a while how about a nice cafè?" She shoots back at naomi waiting at the door for the 3.

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490 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 1 Feb - 9:26

"Right" Naomi let's out a dry laugh as she stops in front of Burner "because caffeine is exactly what you need." Placing one hand on Burner's shoulder Naomi gently moves her aside before throwing a hearty punch into the center of the door. The punch is not driven by anger or rage, but by military training and years of lifting heavy machinery in a chop shop. a fucking shotgun.

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491 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 16:58

(Frontal Assault)

"Pursuit of knowledge, assertiveness, innovation and progress will be allowed, so long as they are fueled in right direction." the distorted voice replied:

"They just need a guiding hand. My hand.
Mine, and the other members of the Opera Seven.

Perhaps not everyone is focused on money and entertainment, but you cannot deny that they are the majority. These masses need to be controlled. Lest they drive this world into chaos.

The voice went quiet as you slowly advanced through the hall.

A low screeching sound briefly echoed over the area, as the rapid fire weapon was slowly torn away from the Tigers back.
As Frost examined it, she noted that the weapon is mostly intact and seems to be operational. You find the firing trigger and count roughly 10 more ballistic blades, in terms of ammunition.

Kaylee approached Moon and placed a hand on her shoulder, smiling: "Its good to see you again. I'm glad you're alright"

As you look further down the hallway, you notice a large open area. It could only be described as a conference room.
A long metal desk with seven empty chairs, stood in the middle. A few computer terminals were built right into the desk's surface, their screens dimly lit up by a blue light.
And a massive tv screen covered the entire wall. It showed a schematic representation of earth and moons orbit.

Five small objects were depicted there, making their way from the earths surface and into the higher layers of the atmosphere. Each one was marked, the labels went from 'Argus-01' up to 'Argus-05'.

A small text message at the bottom, indicated that the image was not showing up in real time, due to an internet communication error. Judging by the last transmission, the five objects will reach their destination in 15 minutes.

Judging by the time stamp, this message appeared 9 minutes ago.

"Another door" Madelyn called, pointing further ahead, beyond the conference room.

"'re almost at the control room." the distorted voice called again: "I guess there's no more point in masking my voice. Once you walk inside, you'll be able to see me.

I'm glad.
I wanted to see the expression on your face, once you realized who's been in control of you, all this time.

"Damn it. Who are you!" Kaylee yelled out.

The voice laughed: "No one you'd ever notice.
I am the gray mouse in the corner. I am the door mat. The Yes Man. The weak minded, helpless young man who looks like he needs to be pitied.

My mask and appearance is so average and plain, I could literally fade into the crowd, without even trying.

Isn't it funny. When the gray mouse you don't even notice, turns out to be in control of the world?---~

A loud feedback of static echoed out of the speakers and the distortion filter was removed:

" you recognize, my voice, Now"

He sounded like a young man, somewhere in his early twenties.
His voice was vaguely familiar.
You heard it before.

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492 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 16:58

(The Factory)

The door gets punched in and flies off its hinges, with a deafening bang. Beyond, is some sort of a very long storage room. There's rows upon rows of shelves that stored something, but you can't see what it is. The entire storage room was covered in darkness.

You do notice another door, about 500 meters further inside the storage room.

Clopin quickly ran inside and looked back at the Spiders. Their bulky forms were too big. It seems they won't be able to follow you into the storage room. The entrance doorway was too small.

"Naomi... this is highly illogical." The distorted voice called:

"I realize that telling me to fuck off, brings you momentary satisfaction, but what of the long term consequences?

You have your whole life ahead of you, do you really want to flush it down the drain?


Lets not mince words. You came down here because of peer pressure.
You were perfectly happy with taking my money and delivering packages for me earlier. You never looked inside the package or took two seconds to see where it went, because it doesn't matter.

What matters - is your life.
And your money. And your pilots license.

Naomi come to your senses. You are fighting so hard, and the only thing you'll accomplish, is the destruction of your life.

These people, don't matter. They are strangers to you. You have no reason to help them.
Worry about yourself.

My Spiders will protect you from Burner. They will assist you. I just need you to slow everyone down, until my satellites reach orbit.

Naomi, you may hate me. And that's fine. We don't have to be friends. Only productive coworkers. Personal feelings can be put aside, I think, when choosing between saving your life and destroying it.

Even if you hate me, you know this is the right choice.

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493 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 17:42

"Those spiders won't protect her from shit when I get a bomb in there." She huffs, "your rumbas are a challenge but they hold no weight in accuracy nor skill, they have crucial systems just like humans do and although they can take a beating they are nothing but a nucence to the public, you kill innocent people, burn homes, scare and slaughter familys. When it comes to a place in hell I'm sure you will find a fine place right next to me."

Rain growls, "I'm going to tear you in half." She glares ahead as she makes her way to the door.

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494 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 19:08

Moon smiled at Kaylee before turning angrily. “Can you stop with the whole mysterious edgy thing and just come out here already so I can smash your skull in?” She growled, glaring at the screen. She was sick of these monologues.

Mist sighed and glanced at Kaylee “If we catch this guy, can I have his head? I’m sure there’s someone on the market who’ll pay well.”

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495 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 19:18

" Ask me to betray them one more time and I will shove my fist so far up your ass you will taste your own colon." Naomi growls "You think that outburst I had against Burner means you can turn her against me? The truth is, out of everyone here she ironically understands me the best." Naomi nodds to the pyro

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496 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 19:37

Angelo frowns. "Geez, that tells us a lot. Who is that even?"

Twilight seems to ponder. "Judging from your choice of words, you wish to make us slow down verbally. Good plan, with easily riled up we are."

She looks at the group, a mischievous smile on her lips. Softly, she says to them. "Play along". She then gives a wink. After that, she turns to him, at least where she thought he was. "Perhaps you have a point, that people need a guiding hand. I would love to discuss such matters with you. So, why don't we have a little talk, perhaps we can find a solution that benefits all of us."

Arnold looks downright shocked, but kept silent, afraid to speak against his liege right now.

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497 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 20:37

(Frontal Assault)

"Oh! Oh NOW you're willing to listen!?" the young voice hissed over the intercom: "Is that what it takes to get your attention, your highness?
You didn't give me two seconds this morning and I TRIED to warn you! I TRIED to give you advice and you brushed me aside!!!

You're not interested in getting a clear picture or hearing anyone's advice! Your only goal is following your own agenda, even if it runs the world into the ground! And I'm supposed to allow you access to political power? The candidacy for the position of an Equestrian Councilor? Bah!

You would run Equestria into the ground. If you bothered to look at my report, maybe you would've realized the economical consequences of your political agenda.

.... you still don't recognize my voice, do you Twilight... that's funny... I thought you made a point to know every face in Equestria..."

The intercom went silent. Kaylee frowned and checked her watch:
"There's barely 5 minutes left. We have to get in there now" she said, looking at the last door, at the far end of the conference room:
"Also yes. You can take his head. I'll help" she nodded to Mist with a small smile.

"Go on then" the young voice rang from above: "Go inside. See how long you last, before I break you, mentally and physically.
I'd leave the control room and meet you half way, but, kinda busy here. Preparing to reassert my control over the world. You know.

Come inside. See the face of the one who finally beat you.... TWILIGHT!" the young voice shrieked. You get the feeling he's becoming slightly unhinged.

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498 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 20:37

(The Factory)

"Maybe so" the voice audibly nodded, in response to Burner: "Maybe so. But while I do these horrible things to shape a better future, you do it for fun.
That's why the Digital Waltz is necessary. And that's why, you need to be controlled. Via Neurochip, or blackmail. Take your pick.

The voice paused, before going on:

"Is that what this is about, Naomi? A sense of comradery? You're willing to destroy you life for Burner? Mmm, I wander if she'd do the same for you.

A bad time to grow a conscience, Naomi.
Just so you know, my offer still stands, until the timer runs out. In case you, change your mind.

Clopin ran inside the storage room, just as the Spiders crashed against the wall outside and emitted a long, piercing shriek.

Clopin dusted himself off and looked at his leg. There was a long cut there, from the wound in the maintenance tunnel. He crouched down and tried to rip off a piece of his jeans, then use it to tie up the wound.

"Burner, do you have a flash light?" Clopin called: "Its too dark in here.. can't see what I'm doing" he said, looking at his wound, then at the shelves in the storage room. It was still to dark to tell what's being stored here.

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499 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 21:09

After his outburst, Twilight's face turns to surprise. Arnold stood next to her, as they share a glance.

"It can't be..." Arnold starts...
"Yet he is..." Twilight followed...
"So that means..." He continued...
"All this time..." The young purple politician followed.

The stared at eachother for a few more seconds, as if they were having a rapid telekinetic conversation. Thought racing through their heads as they finally put together who it was and why he had a personal vendetta against her.

This was followed by both of them shouting in tandem:


With that, the two made haste to the door.

Leaving Angelo completely bewildered.
"... What just happened?" He spoke meekly.

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500 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 2 Feb - 21:14

“No clue, but I think Twilight figured out who it is, so let’s find out.” Moon grinned and hurried after Twilight, gripping her sword closely. Her eyes glowed red, as they often did when anger was present.

Mist scowled and followed quickly behind “Leave the head intact! I bet the bounty is massive!” She called, her finger razors extending.

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